Another day…
Just Believe
Just Breathe…
The place where you are going is impossible for you to conceive.

“It is too vast, too expansive to fit within your human consciousness all at once. You can however conceive of it locally. That is, you conceive of segments of ‘creation that is to be one subject at a time.”

Within the layers of our stuff and stuff that others have put upon us, is a dark and busy place that takes up alot of time and wasted energy.  To move beyond the dark shadows, we could consciously bring in light, make space for new beginnings and plant seeds for spirit to cultivate.

Do away with the time and energy youʻre taking to explain yourself.  We are all here on our own journey, visualize your own outcome based on your dreams, your desires and your truth.   We are here to propel into our own story, purpose and power.

en·er·gy; a type of power that some people believe a person or place produces.

Let go of that which no longer serves you, in letting go – we free up space.  Space allows new energy to enter, for another dimension to be created.   Everything is energy, we are vibrational energy.

vi·bra·tion ;  a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced.

Open up to the potential that is you, the life that is yours and the dreams that exist.  Human existence needs your magical wonder.

Do it in the name of…




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