Celebrating a Heart’s Wish…11:11.

Has it already been 2 years since 11.11.11?

I remember the day so very clearly.  Baked in anticipation to see what the day embraced in such a powerful code would look and feel like.  I couldn’t wait to look at my clock and see 11:11…. I was ready to be sucked into the portal, whatever that portal was going to be.  The heightened consciousness alone that surrounded that day, was enough to send my vibration into a whole new dimension.

As I set everything into place, made sure that my mind was clear, the view was perfect and the music was just right…it arrived – 11.11.11 11:11. Wow!  There it was, I closed my eyes, made a wish…and stayed in that frequency for 11 minutes.

Following the mediation into the “portal”, I journaled in attempt to capture my thoughts, feelings and record any changes that took place…I had NOTHING. There was no change.

I logged on to Facebook to see if any of my enlightened friends could give me some insight to what just happened, or maybe to see if anyone had gone anywhere that I had missed in that “portal”…A sarcastic comedian friend mentioned that he suddenly “felt different” ?!  I proceeded to send a message to ask what exactly “felt different”…did I miss something, maybe it was a time zone thing?  I wasn’t getting it.

Or so I thought…

Within the chambers of my heart, there was a change…a frequency was awakened, a jump-start of sorts directly connected to an intention.

Of course, my ego could not grasp the theory of any of this, it wanted pure physical evidence that a change had occurred, wrote it off as just another moment, a numerology scam to psyche everyone out….but my Spirit, my Higher Self knew better.

My heart made a wish at just the right moment that was sent into the gateway of infinite possibilities.  An intention with a magnitude more than my logical mind could grasp.  She made a wish to break free of the chains binding, formed by conditions and misunderstandings of the past.  She charged a connection to the field of dreams and visions that wonderfully played on the screens in my sleep.  She sent a call out to the Universe, that I was ready…she knew better – I was.

My heart kept notes of my prayers and heard the whispers of my soul.  They both conspired and sent the intention out to the Divine…and I am eternally grateful.


…Fast forward 24 months and I find myself basking in the beautiful unfolding of manifestations, absent of the fear and doubt that once plagued my exsistence and infiltrated my vibration.  Whilst its not been an easy task, it is a worthy journey.  Void of perplexity, innuendoes, half-truths and delusions of grandeur, replaced by intentions infused with clarity, meditations and a deep trust and love for my Higher Self…she knows so much more than this physical shell.

As we approach another 11:11,  my heart’s wish is for everyone to tap into the zone of infinite possibilities and transpire their dreams into magical manifestations.  We all are here to evolve consciousness by living Our Truth.  Make the investment, whatever it is – do that which serves your soul…your Higher Self.


As we welcome the energies of this Gateway to weave through our chakras and our bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), we are asked to stand in our Power and speak our Truth, and when (if) you are challenged by others who want  you to return to being small and back to your old role, stand firm. You are being asked to take a step further into your dream, rather than wait for some magical moment that may never come. You are asked to move through your fear, remembering that fear is an illusion created by separate ego. When you recognize it, walk through it anyway and in this way, the fear dissolves (as all illusion does) and you tap into your Truth.

The vibration of 11:11 offers you the support to walk through the fear and into Love. As you do, you merge more with Soul; your true identity; gain in Strength and make changes that lead you to your next step of elevating your conscious.

The Intention is always Love…love


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